OPMW-PROV: The Open Provenance Model for Workflows

OPMW is an ontology for describing workflows based on the Open Provenance Model. It has been designed as a profile for OPM, extending and reusing OPM's core ontologies OPMV (OPM-Vocabulary) and OPMO (OPM-Ontology). Since the publication of the PROV-O standard, the ontology also extends the W3C recommendation.

Requirements and Use of OPMW

We developed the OPMW profile as an extension of OPM to represent abstract workflows in addition to workflow execution traces. This requirement was motivated by the goal of publishing workflows of scientific articles. That work was done in the context of reproducing and reusing the workflow to compute the "drugome" of an organism. As part of that work, we mapped Wings terms to OPMW. We also published the OPMW workflows as Linked Data. We also developed a simple application to browse the published workflows. More details about this work are in the project site.

The current specification includes an overview and the explanation of the classes, properties and dataproperties of OPMW (with specific examples for each one).

The ontology can be downloaded here.