OPMW-PROV: The Open Provenance Model for Workflows

A workflow repository of templates and their execution provenance traces has been published following the OPMW model.

These workflows belong to the WINGS workflow system, and we have published them following the Linked Data principles. As it can be seen in the example section, all the workflow metadata is published for the templates (a description of the inputs, processes and outputs is provided) and the workflow execution provenance traces (intermediate results, outputs, software codes, etc.).

All the data can be accessed via SPARQL queries at a public endpoint (like http://www.opmw.org/sparql). For example, the following link provides a list of the URIs of the available published templates (click here)

Since writting SPARQL is not very user-friendly, we have created a demo for browsing the existing workflow templates, available here: http://opmw.org/demo/html/index.html

In order to browse a template, start typing the name and it will be autocompleted. If you want to see a simple example just type "a" and all the workflows containing that letter will be displayed.
The demo is a work in progress.